Tell Me About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Tell Me About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

27 May 12:00 by Adrienn Prezenszki

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I can state that when it comes to an interview one of the most feared question is “what is your strengths and weaknesses?” If you are experienced in going to a lot of interviews you kind of expect these questions and you will have already prepared answers for them. But what should you do if you don’t? It seems very hard if you have not been to many interviews because you will need to do some research on general interview questions just so you can be prepared. However if you are trying to secure a new position through a recruitment agency whose service includes interview preparation like it does here at Next Phase then you are one of the many lucky ones!

When I prepare my candidates for their interviews I try to give them the best possible advice to be the best they can be at the interview. When I tell them to think about their strengths and weaknesses they start to panic and tell me “you know that’s the hardest questions to answer”, “I don’t know the answer”, “I hate those questions” then I try to calm them down and explain to them that they should think about examples from their work experience and they might find that a weakness in a different job can be a strength. For example if someone is slow and takes their time to inspect a label or a syringe you would think it’s a weakness because in some positions they expect you to be quick. However in my eyes that can be seen as a strength because it demonstrates that you would like to produce quality work and make sure you don’t risk lives. If someone spreads themselves too thin can seem a weakness although if they find the balance it can be a strength as they are reliable.

So before your next interview you must prepare yourself or if you’re lucky with the help of a recruiter to give the best possible answers for these questions. You must look within and identify those traits/skills you are using in your job on a day to day basis and categorise them as strengths and weaknesses and then think about the weaknesses and how they can be actually turn into strengths. So grab a pen and paper if you can and watch yourself!