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Deciding on a Job Title

Deciding on a Job Title

over 3 years ago by Alex Dobson

Job titles to attract candidates, the title of Alex Dobson's weekly blog

Logistics Advisor… No… Logistics Associate… Nah… Logistics Executive… Ohh sounds snazzy but no… Logistics Operative… Hmmm maybe… Logistics Coordinator… You get the picture. It can be hard to decide on a job title as you know how you want to describe it but two words just won’t cut it. I have had these conversation with clients when they have outlined a role but not sure how to title it. So I thought I would use everyone’s trusted alley Google (N.B. other search engines are available…) and the job titles I came across made even the most dull positions sound like I wanted to apply for them myself!

So here are ten of the most ridiculous job titles:

1. Wet leisure assistant – Lifeguard

2. Modality manager – Nurse

3. Waste management and disposal technician – Bin man

4. Information adviser – Librarian

5. Direct debit and membership and professional development stock and credit administrator – Customer services administrator.

6. Family protection consultant – Insurance telesales worker

7. Investment development and research analyst – Technical helpdesk worker

8. Worldwide marine asset financial analyst – Accountant

9. Debt management officer / Field force agent – Tax collector

10. Coordinator of interpretive teaching – Museum tour guide

Now these examples take picking a job title to another level but the principal still stands, that in order to entice people to apply your job title needs to stand out! Would you prefer to apply to a Logistics Advisor or if you called it a Logistics Coordinator! They say never judge a book by the cover but when applying for a job, the title has to stand out.