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The Next Phase of your career

The Next Phase of your career

over 3 years ago by Adrienn Prezenszki

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As as far as I remember, 28th June 2011 was the day when I left my home country, Hungary, to move to England. To be honest, since I was little it was in me that I wanted to live abroad. One of the reasons was because I wanted to become a famous pop singer in America (lol) which of course didn’t happen, but I also had a flair for England, because of the beautiful countryside, historical castles, it is surrounded by the sea and the ocean and of course fish and chips (lol). Let’s be serious, I came here because I wanted to improve my English language skills and enhance my career opportunities.

Talking to people on a day to day basis as recruiter I come across many people who have moved to the UK many years ago and built their career or who have recently moved to the UK and taken on any kind of role to improve their English language skills while searching for their “dream” job. People immigrate and emigrate for many different reasons. It can be classified as economic, social, political or environmental. Some people choose to migrate, some of them are forced. I think you are lucky if you have chosen to move to a different country for career change or to continue your studies or to improve your language skills. I have made friends from different parts of the world who I met here in England and all came to the UK for different reasons, but career opportunities and to study were their main focus.

It is great when you have a clear vision for why you want to move to a different country, but I have now realised that lots of us kind of go into the unknown. For example, some of us have worked in our home country before, some of us haven’t like me and don’t have much comparison. I don’t think I must prove it with statistics or anything (you can do your own research) but opportunities are better in the West than the East if you are the kind of person who is ready for the unknown and can tackle the challenges. As in every job role personality is a key indicator, moving to a different country can challenge you personally however you never forget your roots. However, it is not for everyone and not everyone is as lucky to have the chance or whatever reason they come up with, but that’s also fine. To shape the world, we want to live in some of have to move, but some of us has to stay to make a difference.