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Working Away – what is it like?

Working Away – what is it like?

over 2 years ago by Adrienn Prezenszki

The benefits of remote working and working from home

When I moved to the UK nearly 7 years ago I would have never thought in my life that one day I’d be going back to my roots and my childhood bedroom will replace the office for a week. This happened though last week, as my amazing boss was happy to accommodate my needs to return to Hungary for a dentistry appointment.

I have worked from home before for a day but not for a whole week. So, I listed some of the things that I experienced while working remotely, some of which surprised me:

  • No one to chat to – I mean, my dad was at home, but he doesn’t speak English so it’s not the same when you have banter or laugh with your English-speaking colleagues. I just had stop writing this article right now because everyone burst out in laugh when we reminisced about a story when I had to keep asking questions about a candidate’s allergy to, erm…semen, as I haven’t come across that word before (how embarrassing for her – I’m sorry if you happen to read this article right now!)
  • You think you’re going to be late – what?? I know I was making breakfast and I had to be aware that I might be late from my desk if I didn’t hurry up!
  • Having a shower while others probably travelling to work – yeah it was great being under the shower for ages and thinking of others fighting through the crowd in rush hour to catch their train to work or drive to work – how lucky I am that I don’t have to deal with such thing
  • No need to iron your clothes cause no one can see if you’re still dressed in your pyjamas unless you’re doing a video conference 
  • Dad is bringing me fresh fruit from the garden (priceless)
  • The time you spend travelling to work replaced by trying to connect to WIFI and VPN to log into your computer or showering lol  
  • I was still able to remain focused, and perhaps was a bit more productive and proactive. Perhaps mainly because there was no comparison to what others are up to so I could just get on with my own work, write to do list every day that I don’t normally do in the office and there were no sudden distractions.

In my opinion, a change of scenery can have a positive impact on productivity and creativity and mental well-being. I would encourage workplaces to give the option to their employees to occasionally work from home or away (even in another country), or even working from a co-working place some days of the weeks. Perhaps this could engage/motivate employees better and enhance employee retention.  What do you think?