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Why the Biotech Industry?

Why the Biotech Industry?

about 2 years ago by James Hume

Biotech laboratory to reflect James Hume's blog on recruitment in biotechnology, synthetic biology and cell & Gene Technologies.

To warn you, this is a little bit of self-promotion! But what I am aiming to do is clarify why I chose to recruit within the Biotech sector, specifically Synthetic Biology and Cell & Gene Technologies.  I think it is essential to know what direction you are taking and why, otherwise success and true motivation will be elusive.  Also from a business point of view to be successful you have to be clear on what you are setting out to deliver and why you are different from the rest, and ensure this is communicated clearly to those that matter which is essential in a competitive market like recruitment.  There are a number of recruiters in the same area but I feel two of the advantages I have are my passion for this crucial sector and my ability to understand the technology. 

The Biotech sector is so diverse, with so many technologies being developed that have the  potential to impact on society, some have great potential that are so close to the market.  This fuelled my interest when I was setting out to find my niche and ultimately diversify away from the Pharma & IT sectors SLS Services traditionally recruits within.  I enjoy engaging with both candidates and clients because of the shared interests in this field but on top of this is who I am speaking to.  The people I speak to most are scientists who are at the cutting edge developing these exciting technologies.  They are often highly educated and have completed fascinating research during this period of their career which I enjoy talking about and getting my head around.  Added to this is the research candidates are conducting in their current roles, often right at the cutting edge which is even more fascinating and complex.  Passion is a quality that I regularly come across which is best displayed when speaking to hiring managers about their company and technology.  This is infectious when speaking to them but more importantly is essential when speaking to candidates to get their engagement in the process and company I am recruiting for.  Every day I can truly say is a “school day” and as time has progressed there are more and more areas of research opening up that could resolve another issue facing society, which for me demonstrates the potential of the sector as a whole.

Predominantly the work I do is supporting biopharmaceutical / healthcare focussed technologies, which are developing a technology to resolve an issue that could affect me such as cancer, cardiovascular, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and other diseases in the future.  There are companies who I work with that are developing equally fascinating technologies such as bio production systems to manufacture fine / specialty chemicals and fuels from renewable sources which will become increasingly important.  Or the ability to synthesise long, robust DNA chains or stabilise vaccines so they don’t have to be transported via cold chains and can survive at 400C and store stem cells from birth against any future diseases (as a parent this is particularly interesting). 

All of this is very exciting and I am motivated by the fact that I am a very small cog in the wheel that brings technologies to the market. I enjoy working in this fast developing sector where so many good concepts are being developed with more and more companies starting up.  It is of course not all plain sailing, there are those positions that need certain skill sets that are in short supply,  or companies fail, don’t get the required funding, the technology cannot be developed, and many other barriers which are technical or more mundane.  There is so much potential in this sector that is only just starting to be realised and I am excited about how this will develop over the course of this year and beyond.

If you are a company who is looking to work with someone who offers a bespoke, personalised service that is driven by quality and not KPI’s then please contact me.  Likewise if you are a candidate who is looking for a new opportunity and want to benefit from my approach then please get in touch as I am always interested in speaking with talented scientists.  The best way to contact me is via LinkedIn or if you prefer speaking then please call me on 01403 216 216 and I look forward to hearing from you soon.