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Working with a First-Time Contractor

Working with a First-Time Contractor

7 months ago by Matt Alder

Skyward Shot Of Tower Blocks

Many of the people we placed in contract positions have only ever worked in permanent roles before. It can be quite confusing to become a contractor for the first time, with a lot of new terminology to learn and a new way to work out how much the take-home pay will be. This case study shows how we help make the process as straightforward as possible for first-time contractors.


We worked with a candidate who secured a contract Clinical Trial Manager position with one of our clients, a global pharmaceutical company. The candidate had historically only worked in permanent positions, so she required support in explaining the process that comes with becoming a contractor. She also needed reassurance that it was a viable and risk-free way of working.


Following our first conversation, before even putting the candidate’s details across to the Pharmaceutical company, we provided the candidate with a pack which outlined how contracting works. It included:

  • How the pay would be calculated
  • What compliance documents we would need
  • The umbrella company options that we can recommend
  • How our online timesheets work.  

Throughout the interview process, we were then able to follow up on each of these points and provide good advice to the candidate, talking through the process clearly to set herself up as a contractor. When the candidate was then offered the position, she understood how everything would work.

The Result

The candidate had a good understanding of what to expect when becoming a contractor, which helped to reassure her decision of moving away from the permanent work of world into contracting. When she was offered the position and everything became “real”, she felt reassured and confident enough to move forward straight away.

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