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  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Steve Twinley

Hidden Pockets of Talent

​"Placing People First" is a Next Phase podcast series celebrating innovations in life sciences. In this latest episode (released July 2022), Steve Twinley is joined by Stephen Sullivan, Director of Lindville Bio who provide consultancy services to support the translation of pluripotent stem cell therapies.

In this 45-minute podcast, Stephen describes how ATMP companies are doing relatively well recruiting both entry-level and senior-level people…but the main current issue is in mid-level positions where businesses are struggling to hire talent with ATMP experience. To keep up with industry demands, perhaps we need more open-mindedness about transferable skills from other sectors (the Food industry, as one example).

Stephen also talks through his own experiences in the translational aspects of pluripotent stem cell development, how regenerative medicine is supported in different parts of the world (with a particular nod to the spirit of collaboration in Canada), and how companies can get the best from their staff who may not have had previous experience in Advanced Therapies.

The ATMP sector is growing at a rapid rate and presents multiple career opportunities for people with the right mindset, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. This podcast is well worth a watch for anyone who is already in the Advanced Therapies industry or is considering a career in the amazing worlds of Cell and Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.

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