Episode 8: Nuno Madeira do O from Reflection Therapeutics - 'Co-Development & Virtual Models: How the Cell & Gene Therapy Industry Has Evolved Over The Last 5 Years'

In this episode, Steve Twinley is joined by Nuno Madeira do O, CEO of Reflection Therapeutics. Nuno joined Reflection at the end of 2022 to help develop their innovative approach to Treg therapies, to address the unmet clinical need for Inflammatory Disorders. He has a fascinating background which includes over 4 years with Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, in which he gained a deep understanding of how the Cell & Gene sector is continuing to progress. The theme of this next episode is how the Cell & Gene Therapy sector has evolved in the last few years. Nuno explains how the current financial climate, combined with the increasing technical expertise of CROs and CDMOs, has made virtual business models a more viable and sensible option. Nuno describes how co-development between organisations can be more efficient, more cost-effective and ultimately more beneficial to patients. This episode is not to be missed if you have an interest in the ongoing development of Advanced Therapies!


Episode 7: Stefan Lukianov (Founder & CEO, Salve Therapeutics) - "Building a Bioengineering Start-up With a Clear Vision and Strong IP Strategy"

Stefan Lukianov is a Bioengineering entrepreneur who has developed a pioneering AI platform to improve the speed and efficiency of R&D within Cell & Gene Therapy. Driven to do so by seeing the impact of a rare disease on a close neighbour, Stefan is determined to maintain the values and integrity of Salve Therapeutics as the business grows. In this 33-minute podcast, Stefan gives a fascinating insight into why and how he created Salve Therapeutics a couple of years ago. His vision for Salve is not to go straight for trying to secure private equity investment, but instead to build his business organically, reinvesting profits to help develop his technology further and build partnerships with other like-minded collaborators. One of Stefan's entrepreneurial influences is the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, who invested the profits from each movie into the next and was therefore able to build a portfolio of films without compromising his vision or style, therefore preserving his integrity. Stefan explains why it is so important for a start-up to have a strong IP strategy, and for business owners to really do their research into how to obtain IP that will protect their invention (in this case, a pioneering AI platform to improve the speed and efficiency of R&D within Cell & Gene Therapy). For anyone considering creating a Start-up, or managing one already, whether in the US or UK or elsewhere, this episode is not to be missed!


Episode 6: Sean Kennedy (Senior TA Specialist, BenchSci) - "Growing and Developing Home-Based Teams: A Talent Acquisition Perspective"

​As an experienced Recruiter, Sean Kennedy has worked with a variety of organisations in the past - so when he talks with such passion about BenchSci's vision, technology and people then it is clear they are a business that others can learn from. Sean gives a fascinating insight into the growth and development of internal teams within one of the world's most exciting and pioneering AI companies in the field of Biomedical Science. Sean explains the importance of having a Mission that everyone believes in, then talks about the different ways in which BenchSci promote a flexible working culture that is also highly collaborative and welcoming. This episode is essential viewing for anyone who is somehow involved in the recruiting, training and development of teams - particularly those who are based remotely. Watch the podcast in our embedded player below, or click here to watch it on our Vimeo page.


Episode 5: Martino Picardo (Chairman, Discovery Park): "Open Innovation Ecosystems - Getting The Best From Science Park Collaborations"

Martino Picardois one of the pioneers of modern life science innovation in the UK, with a colourful career than includes being one of the founders of the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. In this latest episode, Martino reflects on his own career and the different choices and circumstances that enabled him to build on his PhD in Biochemistry and become Chairman of one of the UK's most exciting and innovative science parks. Martino explains how a science park is an 'Innovation Ecosystem', providing opportunities for collaboration between businesses, as well as places where individuals can thrive in a range of STEM-based careers. Watch the podcast in our embedded player below, or click here to watch it on our Vimeo page.


Episode 4: Sheela Upadhyaya (Life Science Consultant & Rare Diseases Expert): "Joining The Dots - Better Ways For ATMP Developers To Collaborate With The Clinic"

​In this episode, Steve Twinley is joined by Sheela Upadhyaya, who has a fascinating background that includes the development of Rare Disease treatments. Sheela has a proven track record of business improvement through business transformation, design and delivery of major change programmes, within complex healthcare eco systems. In this podcast, Sheela addresses the disconnect between the developers of ATMPs and the end recipients within the clinic. She explains that if there is more forward-planning in advance of producing therapies in GMP, it can avoid issues arising in the clinic and will ultimately result in better patient care. Sheela and Steve also discuss how Advanced Therapy businesses can get the best from their collaborative partnerships with specialist 3rd parties. This episode is well worth watching if you are involved in the development manufacture or supply of Cell & Gene Therapies, especially if you are just now progressing into GMP. Watch the podcast in our embedded player below, or click here to watch it on our Vimeo page.


Episode 3: Stephen Sullivan (Director, Lindville Bio): "Hidden Pockets Of Talent"

​This episode (July 2022) features Stephen Sullivan from Lindville Bio, who provide consultancy services to ATMP organisations who are navigating the translational aspects of Pluripotent Stem Cell therapies and working towards scalable GMP manufacture. In this 45-minute discussion, Stephen describes how ATMP companies are doing relatively well recruiting both entry-level and senior-level people…but the main current issue is in mid-level positions where businesses are struggling to hire talent with ATMP experience. To keep up with industry demands, perhaps we need more open-mindedness about transferable skills from other sectors (the Food industry, as one example). Stephen also talks through his own experiences in the translational aspects of pluripotent stem cell development, how regenerative medicine is supported in different parts of the world (with a particular nod to the spirit of collaboration in Canada), and how companies can get the best from their staff who may not have had previous experience in Advanced Therapies. Watch the podcast in our embedded player below, or click here to watch it on our Vimeo page.


Episode 2: Roger Shaw (Managing Partner, Digital Lab Consulting): "Is There Ever A GOOD Time To Upgrade Your Lab Technology?"

In this episode, (June 2022) Steve Twinley is joined by Roger Shaw, Managing Partner and one of the co-founders of Digital Lab Consulting (DLC),who advise scientific businesses of all sizes about how they can best utilise digital technology in their labs and related business processes. In this 26-minute podcast, Roger discusses the ways in which digital technology can help drive efficiency if - and this is the important part - it is truly embraced across an organisation. He describes two cases studies of where companies have been able to upgrade their processes in a smart way, as well as outlining the potential pitfalls and details that business leaders, lab teams and Quality groups should consider when embarking on a digital transformation project. Watch the podcast in our embedded player below, or click here to watch it on our Vimeo page.


Episode 1: Kate Barclay (Skills Strategy Consultant, BIA): "Nurturing Talent With A Skills-Short Market"

In this episode (March 2022), Steve Twinley is joined by Kate Barclay, Skills Strategy Consultant with the BIA (BioIndustry Association)and a keen advocate of apprenticeships and skills development at all levels within scientific organisations. In this 22-minute podcast, Kate explains how attitudes towards apprenticeships have evolved in the last 5 years. She details some of the different resources that HR and senior leaders in ATMP businesses can utilise to nurture talent within a skills-short market. Kate also summarises the current state of the Cell & Gene Therapy industry in the UK and how it is predicted to continue its exponential rate of growth. Watch the podcast in our embedded player below, or click here to watch it on our Vimeo page.

The resources referenced in this podcast are:

National Apprenticeship Service
Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education
Advanced Therapies Apprenticeship Community
BioIndustry Assocation

Discovery Park "Life Science UK" event on 22nd March: https://lnkd.in/epRpbTEj
Royal Society Early Talent / Science of COVID event on 30th/31st March: https://royalsociety.org/science-events-and-lectures/2022/03/tof-covid/

Apprenticeship programmes are diverse and practical, covering a range of disciplines including Data Science, Bioinformatics, Digital, and GMP clean room manufacturing operations (including using technology in virtual reality and augmented reality). This video covers a number of useful resources for HR, TA and senior leadership professionals and you are welcome to contact Next Phase or Kate Barclay (via LinkedIn) if you have any questions or require further information.