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Video Technology

One of the biggest frustrations as a hiring manager is time spent conducting interviews with candidates who are completely the wrong fit. No-one wants to have to “go through the motions” of a full interview when it is clear from the outset that the individual is not going be right for your team. We have therefore introduced cutting-edge video technology to present candidates to our clients in a far more efficient way, reducing the need for unnecessary, time-consuming first-stage interviews. 

How it works: We conduct five-minute face-to-face video interviews using questions specified by the client. We then send these recordings, which can be watched from any device, at any time, directly to the hiring manager for review. This allows the manager to make a more informed decision on exactly who to bring in for face-to-face interviews. In recent projects, we have seen this reduce the whole hiring process by almost half.

We know that human interaction is vital when it comes to recruitment. So, rather than trying to automate this aspect like many other recruitment companies, we are focused on enhancing it. We have invested in state-of-the-art video engagement technology that allows us to represent candidates more efficiently, particularly in a post-Covid 19 world.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1403 216216 to discuss how to best use video technology as part of your recruitment process.

A hiring manager reviewing the Hintro and Hinterview video introduction by Next Phase Recruitment for interview purposes to accompany a CV

Case Studies

An example of how our video technology can improve the recruitment process

One of our clients is a growing provider of lab management and informatics software. With satellite offices in several global locations, their interview processes used to be very lengthy, made up of a few stages, each conducted by different people. It was becoming evident that the interviewers were each asking similar questions, to establish “team fit”; and the candidates were being put off by having to answer the same questions a few times.
We introduced our “Hinterview” technology in June 2020, for the recruitment of a Business Process Consultant. At the beginning of the project, we asked the hiring managers to tell us what their specific technical and personal requirements were; and based on these we agreed on 5 key questions to ask every applicant. We subsequently sent 7 CVs for this role, and each application was accompanied by a 5-minute video of the candidate answering all 5 questions.
In the past, our client would probably have selected 5 or 6 out of our 7 candidates (based on the CV and our written notes) and would have interviewed each person for at least an hour for the first stage. However, because they were now able to judge the candidates from the outset based on the 5-minute interview, they only selected 3 candidates. This saved 2-3 hours of unnecessary first interviews (plus all of the associated organisation, logistics and feedback process),  enabling them to devote more time to these 3 people and “delve more deeply” into their respective backgrounds. A successful hire was made and the chosen candidate started in mid-August 2020.