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  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Steve Twinley

​Have you ever been asked to prepare a presentation for an interview? Remember that if you are required to give a presentation, your interviewers are going to be assessing a number of different things:


  • Your ability to prepare a piece of work to a specific brief

  • Your confidence in communicating to a group

  • Whether you can stick to a specific time limit


Giving a presentation in an interview is different to presenting at a conference or at work. Yes, the content itself will be important…but they will also be testing to see how you can follow instructions, and they and will also be wanting to find out more about your process.


Here are some of our Next Phase Top Tips:


  • If you have been given 15 minutes, aim for 12-13 maximum.

  • Do you want the audience to ask questions as you go, or save them to the end?

  • Focus on having a strong, confident start that sets a clear agenda for what you will be presenting


We have produced a comprehensive guide to preparing a presentation for an interview. Click here to go to our Useful Resources page and download your free copy.