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Introductory video about Next Phase Recruitment in Horsham, West Sussex, UK. We are a specialist life science recruitment agency, placing people in pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and cell and gene therapy businesses across the UK, Europe and USA

About Next Phase

Next Phase is a specialist life science recruitment business, partnering with exciting companies and placing people first in the biotech, cell & gene therapy, pharmaceutical and medtech sectors across the UK, Europe and US. As APSCo members, we work to the highest standards of recruitment practice.

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  • Translational Science

    QC Associate – Flow Cytometry / PCR - GMP Analytical Lab

    City of London

    Up to £35,000 + bonus + excellent benefits

  • Quality

    Informatics CSV Project Manager

    £TBD plus bonus, benefits and an excellent career impact opportunity

  • MedTech

    Head of Research and Development


    Very Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

Six values that guide everything we do at Next Phase:

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At Next Phase we believe that treating all our contacts with care and respect at all times will build better relationships. We are a people enhancement company; personal progression and improvement are the foundations of everything we do. Being "People-First" is something we are all extremely passionate about.


We pride ourselves in our honesty and sincerity, and above all else we are approachable. We believe our candidates, clients and colleagues will flourish on relationships that are built on reliability and trust.


At Next Phase we are dedicated to the life science industry, developing expert knowledge to support and advise our partners & colleagues to secure the right outcomes. We share insights, engage in industry events and take an active interest in new innovations in life sciences.


We strive to deliver genuine, reliable solutions to our clients; and we achieve this by working together as a team, sharing ideas and supporting each other in every project we undertake.


At Next Phase we believe that to be competitive we need to be entrepreneurial and resourceful. We endeavour to create inventive suggestions for our partners & colleagues to help them excel. This includes making proper use of technology to support our work.


We believe that our partners expect to be impressed. By being determined, working enthusiastically and resourcefully we can provide them with prompt, effective solutions. Every person at Next Phase is ambitious, both about their own career progression and how we want the business to grow.

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Examples of our staffing expertise

“Senior Informatics Consultant”

....... has been helping me find a new role, putting me forward to potential employers until the pandemic struck. She still continued to work hard to find suitable opportunities and eventually her hard work paid off and landed me a new role at Zifo. She is not like most other recruiters who blank email you with irrelevant jobs, every contact with ...... is a genuine opportunity to explore. I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new role

November 2021,

“Senior Informatics Consultant”

........ contacted me at a time where I was looking for a change in my career. The opportunity she presented me fitted both my profile and my wishes perfectly

November 2021,

“Software Engineer”

....... at Next Phase Recruitment provided professional yet friendly guidance and support throughout my most recent job change. I'm very pleased with how the process was handled, and each stage was efficiently and quickly communicated​

November 2021,

“Informatics Consultant”

​..... got in touch with me for a work opportunity that fitted my profile perfectly. She guided me through the whole recruitment process, made sure everything was going well on my side, and was always available when I had doubts. I really felt supported and listened, when I had to make an uneasy decision. Plus, her communication skills are great and efficient ! I definitely recommend working with .......

France, November 2021

“Technical Lead”

​HUGE thanks to ....... for highlighting the opportunity, asking diligent questions to understand my needs, keeping me updated with where the process was at and finally being able to tell me I'd gotten the role! Been in the role for just over a month now and I'm really happy to be there. ....... contacted me at the end of the first day to see how I'd gotten on and we spoke again just yesterday to follow up on how the first month had been. It is these extra personal touches that I really appreciated and showed that Next Phase cares about the people they help to get a role.

November 2021,

“Principal Informatics Consultant”

...... contacted me a few months ago to offer me a new position. The contact with her was very cordial. ........ listened to my needs and helped me to be more efficient in my relations with my future employer. She continues to follow me even after my change of position. Thank you very much for helping me find this new opportunity

France, November 2021

“Business Consultant”

Through her thorough understanding of the life science business and role she was recruiting for, ...... showed me she was not taking the shotgun approach like many recruiters do, but had hand-picked me and that the new role was really well-fitted to my profile. I remained satisfied throughout the entire process. Her aim was evidently not to get someone hired asap and jump to the next assignment. I always felt that she was supporting me as much as the client company that hired her to recruit me, and a happy and long-standing outcome for both was her ultimate goal. All in all, a great experience and I'd love to get headhunted by her again any time!​

November 2021, Digital Lab Consulting

“Both Professional and Handled Questions”

​During the recruitment into my current role, I was in contact with ...... and ...... who were both professional and handled any questions quickly. The support prior to having my interview was also very useful in helping me to secure the position.

, September 2021

“Production Support”

​Clear, regular and effective communication between myself and ...... during the recruitment process was great to have.

, September 2021

“Never had an easier process ”

​...... is hands down the most professional, through and driven recruiter I have had the pleasure to be associated with. Not only did ...... find me for a position that fit my next career steps and needs perfectly, he also offered help every step of the way and checked in to see how I was finding the process. He went above and beyond to make sure that the recruitment process went smoothly, and I must say - I have never had an easier process as everything was well-organised, well-prepared and well streamlined. Thank you once again ...... for helping me take the next step in my career and I have no doubt you will continue to improve both - company and job-seeker - experiences for a long time to come, I couldn't recommend him enough!

, August 2021

“A genuine interest ”

​My experience with recruiters on LinkedIn hasn’t been overall positive, so I really appreciate your human approach and a genuine interest to find someone suitable to fill the role.

Communications Manager, July 2021

“A great place to develop your career”

​I am so pleased I chose to join Next Phase. The career paths here are clearly defined and you are encouraged in a really positive way to develop yourself in all areas. The commission is fantastic and I am proud to work with such a supportive bunch of people.

, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Next Phase

“Ability to filter opportunities ”

​...... is personable, easy to approach, and an excellent conversationalist. One of her best traits as a recruiter has to be her ability to filter opportunities to only those that genuinely interest you (every role she shared was appropriate and exciting) and she is never pushy with things you aren't interested in. ...... has been a constant support through my change in employment and seems to have a 6th sense for when to reach out, pre-empting questions right when i needed to know the most.

Business Consultant , June 2021

“Highly professional manner ”

​...... is a force of good and a great head hunter. She secured my recent career move in a highly professional manner. She was in constant touch with me updating me all the way and checking on me. Her calls are ongoing after my move. She adds her great personal touch to make it a friendship rather than a client relationship. Highly recommend her.

Business Development Manager , June 2021

“Expert recruiters ”

​After being contacted by ...... I found myself being offered a new job closer to home in under two weeks. Looking for a new challenge and want some expert recruiters support look no further!

Laboratory System Administrator , June 2021

“Willing to take time and effort ”

​...... has helped me through the process of gaining successful employment at Digital Lab Consulting. ...... is very professional and helpful. She is willing to take the time and effort to insure you are as prepared and relaxed for interviews as you can be.

Business Consultant , June 2021

“only recruitment company i will ever recommend ”

​Next Phase is the only recruitment company I will ever recommend with confidence. ...... is the most wonderful and authentic person with a friendly, approachable personality, and he has helped me more than words can express. Thank you again.

QA Officer , May 2021

“Supportive and professional ”

​Would highly recommend Next Phase. Having been approached by ...... for a job position, she was very supportive and professional with my application. ...... was approachable with any queries i had throughout the interview process and I'm very happy with the quality of service shown throughout.

HR Administrator - Cell and Gene , June 2021

“Mentor and guide in your career journey ”

​...... support securing my new role was instrumental. I have worked with recruiters in the past and can confirm ...... stands out. She's a mentor and guide in your career journey. She listens and understands and is there to help out at every stage during the interview and hiring process. She's attentive and will provide tailored support with resources useful for your preparation. For important reasons she would make time even outside her working hours for a quick call. More than just "doing her job". She cares for the individual and is truly passionate about the field she serves. I highly recommend working with her - thank you ...... !

Business Development Executive , May 2021

“Brilliant Service ”

​Brilliant service from Next Phase, with special gratitude to ...... who was an invaluable contact throughout the process of my recruitment and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend Next Phase to anyone.

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult placement , May 2021

“Felt very involved ”

​In my experience ...... efficiently managed the recruitment process. ...... not only followed up with me and kept me informed, but more importantly was keen to understand my requirements/expectations and communicate that on my behalf and i felt very involved every step of the way.

Achilles Placement , May 2021

“Best experience by far”

​...... ensured to only send me relevant positions and wasted no time I'm getting the ball rolling. The best experience by far in my career working with someone in recruitment. I recommend ...... for anybody looking for a position or looking for staff.

Informatics Business Consultant , April 2021

“Always Available to Answer Questions”

....... had reached out to me to see if I was interested in a new role! She was knowledgeable about her client and spoke very highly of the company. After introducing me, she kept in touch, making sure I had what I needed for a successful interview. ...... was always available to answer any questions and guide me throughout the process. Even after accepting a position, I have kept in touch with her.It was a please working with her. She was very thorough and supportive throughout the hiring process. She cares both about the companies she helps staff and she cares about the people she places. Would recommend working with ..... for any staffing needs!

Client Services Lead, July 2020

“Invests Time & Understands”

​There aren't many recruiters who genuinely invest time to understand your current role & future requirements, ..... is an exception. She has actively sought the appropriate opportunities and presented positions relevant to me. In such a niche market, I'd trust ..... to find the fitting vacancies that suit both the employer and employee

Senior Informatics Scientist, July 2020

“Engaged and Helpful”

​........ reached out to me for a position she viewed as a match. She was right on, as I also felt the position was as well. Throughout the recruitment ..... was engaged and helpful. With her help, I was able to secure and offer. I would work with her again!

IRT Project Manager, April 2020

“Going well so far!”

​It has been a busy week with several meetings in order to put things into prospective and get organised; my aim and my intentions are to offer the company the best of my experience and assist the team with their ambitious plans. I have been impressed with their work and I know I will enjoy my term here. I am planning to work hard and offer consultancy of the highest standard to leave good impressions and do credit to you for trusting and representing me here.

QMS Consultant, contracting through Next Phase at a cell therapy company in Cambridge - February 2021

“Definitely Recommended”

I definitely recommend the Next Phase recruitment agency. I was contacted by ......... about the job role that I am now permanent at. She was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the interviewing stage and her friendly approach has helped to me to feel more relaxed and confident. It was a great experience working with her.

Labelling Technician, Biopharmaceutical manufacturing company - February 2021

“Smooth and Straightforward”

Thanks to ....... for all of your work on this and for making the whole process really smooth and straight forward. This is a really exciting career step for me and I massively appreciate you bringing all the elements together to get us to the successful offer. I've been working with several recruiters the last few months and it's been very refreshing to work with someone who obviously takes the time to read up on the position/company and keeps things very transparent and straightforward!

Genomics Biomarker Project Manager, January 2021

“Excellent Experience”

I was approached by Next Phase, by ....... and it was an excellent experience from start to finish. During 2020, a very hard year for us all, ........ was always there, very positive, very helpful and did everything so that I can find the perfect opportunity for my career. Very pleased to have worked with Next Phase, recommend very highly. Thank you

Informatics Consultant, IRT Consultancy - December 2020

“Great team”

Great team that work together to help clients. They work together to use the best of each other's knowledge to help and excel your application and they all really want you to succeed. I'm so happy with my position I've been placed in through them at the moment, however, if i'm ever looking for another job I will definitely look at vacancies available through Next Phase

Method Development Scientist, Protein Biochemistry company - April 2021

“Highly recommended!”

I can always rely on Next Phase for honesty, professionalism and the ability to find people with the specialist skills that we need

, CEO, Gene Therapy company in Stevenage - March 2021

“Highly Professional & Responsive”

I have worked directly with ..... from Next Phase for over 7 years and have found his approach and the rest of the Next Phase team to be always highly professional and responsive to our requirements. They have a broad base of capabilities, including BD, Quality, Regulatory, IT and R&D Scientists and have very successfully filled a number of roles across all levels of the business and are one of our preferred suppliers that we would choose to go to first. One of the key aspects that we like is their honesty, if they know that a particular role or area is not a specialism for them then they will at least tell you rather than wasting your time. I would therefore be more than happy to recommend them and have done previously to a number of my colleagues in the Bio Industry sector

Head of HR, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult - January 2021

“Experts in Their Market”

During the interview process it became clear that Next Phase are who they said they are - experts in their market who are held in high esteem with their clients.

Senior Recruitment Consultant, September 2020

“Network Access & Unique Understanding”

Next Phase were instrumental in our early fundraising efforts at Sutura. ...... was able to unlock the doors of many investors with a specific interest in early stage gene therapy biotechs that would have otherwise been cold and unknown to us. In parallel, he has attracted our industry leading “raise team”, consisting of some of the most reputable advanced therapy executives with experience within the ATMP space. Thanks to ......... network access and unique understanding of this space, we were able to significantly accelerate the development of our business to help improve the quality of life for those affected by rare diseases

Owner, Sutura Therapeutics - March 2021

“You have not let me down!”

I always feel confident coming to Next Phase for people for our team. Yet again you have not let me down !

QA Manager, Vaccine Production Company - February 2021

Join us!

We are always on the look-out for ambitious, hard-working individuals to join our growing team at Next Phase. Are you a, motivated person with excellent people skills and some experience in a sales or client-focused role? Are you excited about building a varied and lucrative career in Recruitment? If so, we are expanding our team at Next Phase and would love to hear from you!

We offer a great work environment where you are given full autonomy to maximize your potential, alongside hybrid home / office working, ongoing investment in new technology, excellent bonus package and clear investment plan for all areas of the company.

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Our team at Next Phase Recruitment place people in new jobs in cell and gene therapy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ATMP, medtech and medical device businesses. We're based in Horsham, UK

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Upcoming events in ATMP, Lab Technology, RTSM and Pharma:

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Advanced Therapies Congress & Expo 2021

ExCeL, London


5th Annual Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders congress

Boston, MA


The Meeting of Innovation, Collaboration and Technology



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