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Life Science Recruitment

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We partner with Pharma, Biotech, ATMP, Rare Disease and Clinical businesses, recruiting the most talented people in the industry. Register for the Next Phase of your career here and call us on 01403 216216 to discuss how we can help you. 

Life is all about Change - and Change is good!​

Our careers, personal lives and businesses progress through a series of different phases. As a specialist Life Science recruitment consultancy, we will help you to ensure positive progression to your next phase, whatever it may be.
You can register with us here. Alternatively, please call us on 01403 216216 , whether you are considering the next phase of your career or are looking to hire someone with specific skills and experience. As you will see from the case studies and testimonials throughout this website, we have a great deal of expertise and can tailor our services to meet your individual needs.


IT Project Manager

Alex is a standout recruiter: she combines a genuine determination to support staff and people she represents with the human touch (fantastic humour and attention to detail). I recommend working with Alex for your hiring and staffing needs.

Client Services Lead

Alex had reached out to me to see if I was interested in a new role! She was knowledgable about her client adn spoke very highlyl of the company. After introducing me, she kept in touch, making sure I had what I needed for a successful interview. Alex was always available to answer any questions and guide me throughout the process. Even after accepting a position, I have kept in touch with Alex.


It was a pleasure working with Alex. She was very thorough and supportive throughout the hiring process. Alex cares both about the companies she helps staff and she cares about the people she places. Would recommend working with Alex for any staffing needs!

Senior Informatics Scientist - Client

There aren't many recruiters who genuinely invest time to understand your current role and future requirements. Alex is an exception. She has actively sought the appropriate opportunities and presented positions relevant to me. In such a niche market, I'd trust Alex to find the fitting vacancies that suit both the employer and employee.

Senior Production Technician

I will forever thank you for having given me the chance to take a step in the right direction in my professional life

IxRS & MM Manager

Alex is great! Professional, friendly, quick to respond to any questions and makes things happen for you.

IRT Project Manager

Alex reached out to me for a position she viewed as a match. She was right on, as I also felt the position was as well. Throughout the recruitment, Alex was engaged and helpful. With her help, I was able to secure and offer. I would work with her again!

Bioanalytical Manager

I have met Alex when I was looking for a new job opportunity. She supported me straight from the beginning with high professionalism and didn't take long for her to get me an interview. She is a very friendly and kind person, I was able to call her any time of the day and supported me throughout the recruitment process. I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a job opportunity to get in touch with her.

IxRS & MM Manager

I've had a great experience working with Alex. She is responsive, professional and supports through every step of the way.

Junior Business Systems Analyst

I rarely come across real hiring Specialist who stand out like Matt. I had the pleasure of working closely with Matt for the past few weeks. Few people have the opportunity to work with someone 'Ridiculously efficient' like Matt. I was always in awe of Matt's ability to coach and get people on board wtih ideas - even people who were initially on completely different pages like me. That skill often takes years to develop among hiring professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. 'Genuine expert' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Matt. As a team member or leader, Matt earns my highest recommendation.


Project Coordinator

I’ve worked really closely with Matt over the past few weeks. He has been extremely professional, listening to my needs & matching me with potential end clients.. Matt has been so helpful & followed through on request & an absolute super star. Thank you Matt

Medical Information Associate

Alex helped me to get the job I wanted!!! She was really patient with me as I was always sending emails to ask every question I had, she always answered quickly and with great detail. She is really friendly, positive and helps you as much as she can! I highly recommend her if there is a job out there you really want!!! Many thanks for all your help Alex :) I am so happy I reached the job of my dreams! 

Clinical Project Manager

Of all the agents I had contact with during a protracted job hunt, Alex was the only one to follow up at regular intervals. She always gave excellent advice. Very highly recommended. Thanks Alex!

Principal Human Factors Engineer

Kudos to Julie McEwan. In a world of (at best) mediocre recruitment consultants who take shortcuts and don't take the time to know their candidates and the profession they're in, you not only understand the jobs and candidates that cross your desk, you understand the nuances of matching people to careers! Thank you so much for going above and beyond!

Quality Associate

Alex did a great job making sure I felt fully prepared throughout the recruitment process. Everything from the intital application and the interviews through to my first day at work were seen to with care and diligence, making the transition to a new and better job so much easier. Thanks Alex!

Clinical Trial Director, CT Service organisation

The Life Science team at Next Phase always take the time to understand the criteria that we are looking for and how that fits into our business. They have been able to respond very quickly to new positions due to the extensive database of qualified candidates from junior level to management positions.

Pre-Production Coordinator

Alex is a great professional extremely committed and knowledgeable. She manages to turn the recruitment process in such a pleasant experience. Alex provided excellent advice and help on all levels, she has been instrumental in helping me find a new role. I knew a lot about job which I was applying for thanks to Alex so interview was much easier. She has always made herself available for a conversation and happy to offer independent advice. Highly Recommend!

Pharmaceutical Technician

It was a tough time being made redundant and speaking to you was fanatic. Your enthusiasm and helpfulness were great. It really made me feel positive about the situation. Thank you for all your help Harriet.


Head of Clinical Project Management, Big Pharma Company

Perfect, thanks Brian. Efficient, effective and transparent as always

Social Media Community Manager

Shane, thank you so so much for all your help. I believe you really made a difference in my job search and ongoing challenge of finding a job that I will enjoy! I don’t think I can thank you enough!

John Truong, Technical SEO Executive

"As a candidate Next Phase Recruitment has been an excellent recruitment agency. The contact with Shane Lees was friendly, prompt and professional at all times. He showed expertise and an understanding of my position and the role that I was applying for. The information and advice provided by him gave me a competitive edge over other candidates in the position that I applied for and was ultimately successful in. I would wholeheartedly recommended Next Phase Recruitment based upon this experience".

QA Officer

I was recently represented by Next Phase recruitment in a job application. My application was managed by Adrienn Prezenszki, who was very responsive and kept me informed on all details of the process. Adrienn was also a tremendous help when it came to interview preparation, by taking me through a mock interview during a phone call. I'd highly recommend Next Phase recruitment and would definitely contact them again should I require representation with any future applications.

IT Transformation / Digitisation Director

I had the opportunity to talk to many headhuntners during the past decade but I must say it was refreshingly different to work with Alex. Thank you very much for the great support, extensive materials, good preparation & the pleasurable conversations. I am looking forward to the time when I will be in need for somone to find me and my company the right candidates and would love to reach out to you for your services.