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  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Steve Twinley

​Today is World Cancer Day, and a chance for us to acknowledge how we have all been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whilst it can take many forms, cancer is always a horrid thing for patients and their families and friends to go through.


Recent advances within ATMP, including cell therapies and gene therapies and the use of AI and diagnostic imaging techniques, are going to have a huge impact on cancer diagnosis and treatment in the years to come.


If you work within the Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical industry and are potentially interested in a career move into the Advanced Therapies sector, to help tackle cancer, there are fascinating job opportunities which could make full use of your skills and experience, whilst developing your knowledge in pioneering new ways.


The 2019 UK Cell and Gene Therapy Skills Demand Survey Report predicted that more than 3,400 new jobs would be needed in the industry by 2024, doubling the existing workforce. However, within just 2 years, employment in this sector has already surpassed this predicted number for 2024, with no sign of slowing.


In the latest report (produced by Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult), it is suggested that current employment within the Cell & Gene Therapy sector in the UK is over 6,900 staff, with more than 3,900 of those staff being in bioprocessing roles. The current estimate is that employment in Cell & Gene Therapy in the UK will increase to more than 15,100 roles by 2026.


If you work within academia, biopharma or other areas of life sciences, there could be a great career path available to you within the cell & gene therapy sector. Contact us for a confidential chat about opportunities that could make good use of your skills.


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