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  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Steve Twinley

​Hiring managers! Do you find that you invest time in reviewing CVs and conducting interviews, only for candidates to withdraw from the interview process because they have found another job?

This is something we are seeing happen more and more often. Even when our clients more quickly through interviewing people, candidates can still pull out. They may withdraw for a range of reasons.

The fact is that there is a RACE for talent, especially within niche areas such as Cell and Gene Therapy where there is a widely-acknowledged skills shortage. Speed is a key factor in hiring people, as is keeping the number of interview stages to a minimum. But mostly, we advise our clients to be as open-minded as possible about hiring people who DON’T necessarily tick all the boxes on the job description, but who can demonstrate the potential to pick things up quickly.

Hire people who have a positive energy, drive, great communication skills and a genuine interest in you. Within reason, technical skills can be taught. People CAN make the transition from academia into industry. They may not have previous experience in GMP or other regulatory standards, but if they have the right PERSONALITY then you can teach them once they start.