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  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Steve Twinley

Why on earth were our team dressed in hair nets, shoe covers and beard snoods in the office yesterday...?!

For our latest team training session, we cordoned off a section of our office and made it into a "Clean Room", which we had to enter by following the correct procedures (alas no overalls 🥼, but we used our imaginations!). The Production Technicians had to make a "Named-Patient Vaccine"💉, following which the QC Technicians had to extract samples for QC and Stability testing 🔬 - all under the watchful eye of QA...! 📝

It was all a bit silly and a fun way to start the day - but there was a serious message behind it too.

A few of our team have been lucky enough in our recruitment careers to visit a number of clean rooms, and to experience first-hand what it is like to put on the clothing, learn about the importance of thorough hand-washing, clean-downs, environmental monitoring and all different activities that people conduct day-in, day-out in these amazing settings.

Yesterday was a chance to share some of this knowledge, helping all of our consultants to gain a little more insight into what it is like working in this kind of environment.

We have so much respect for people who are involved in the production and testing of life-changing drugs, diagnostics and advanced therapies, and it is exciting to know that, by making appropriate introductions and supporting the hiring of the best staff, we are playing our own small part in helping the development of patient care.

Other ideas for practical training sessions will be very welcome!