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  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author: Sarah Seaford
Does your workplace have a great culture? Do you even believe it matters? 77% say culture affects their job performance and the other 23% don't realise it does.

What can a bad culture look like? It can mean feeling one or many of the following when they go to work:
• Alone
• Not seen
• Not heard
• Intimidated
• Stressed out
• Disrespected
• Overwhelmed
• Micromanaged

Imagine feeling like that every day you go to work!! It's easy to see how much impact a "negative" or "bad" culture can have.

On the flip side a good culture should mean people go into work feeling:
• Appreciated
• Empowered
• Celebrated
• Listened to
• Supported
• Inspired
• Valued
• Safe

Having a positive culture is powerful and is about more that just values or rules.
• It's how people interact with each other.
• It's the feeling you get when you go to work.
• It makes your work a joy rather than a chore.

If you're wondering how to improve or change your workplace culture, look to transform it with these steps:

1. Build Trust
Show transparency. Keep promises. Trust the team.

2. Listen More
Ask for feedback and be sure to act on it.

3. Celebrate Results
Recognise the good work. A "thank you" goes a long way.

4. Enable Growth
Provide training. Offer guidance. Help people grow.

5. Focus on Well-Being
Ensure people don't burn out. Offer flexible working.

6. Promote Collaboration
Create the community everyone wants to belong to.

7. Role Model the Way.
Be the leader you would want to follow.

It's good for your people and it's good for your business.

Make your culture count. It matters.