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  • Publish Date: Posted 3 months ago
  • Author: Sarah Seaford
Monthly Reviews seem to be a divisive topic amongst leaders and their teams. When approached correctly they should provide an opportunty for both parties to have an open discussion about the previous month; for both parties to provide feedback, support and identify any areas for improvement to the other. They should be a safe space for your team to share their thoughts and feedback on you too....after all we are all learning and don't always get it right! However so many people have had awful experiences and dread them.

At Next Phase everyone in the team has a monthly review with their leader. We follow a set structure which allows the reviewee to talk about what they feel has gone well, any challenges they've encountered, their achievement against objectives and targets as well as an opportunity to have an open discussion with their leader about the business, their ambitions and anything else they feel is important.

The aim is to address any issues and achievements as they happen rather than "save" them up for the review. This way the the review becomes a discussion that addresses how to avoid the issues happening again, or how to replicate those achievements, rather than something to dread.

How do you approach monthly reviews in your company? Do you love them or hate them?