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  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author: Sarah Seaford

Apparently only 31% of employees are enthusiastic about and energised by their work. Shocking isn't it?

"Involving" your people will not only help them learn, but also skyrocket their enthusiasm and energy.

Here's how to do it:

🌟 Trust & Empower: Involve your team in decision-making processes and push decisions to them when possible. This will foster a sense of ownership and responsibility.

🌟 Celebrate Feedback: Create an environment where feedback is frequent and constructive. It encourages continuous learning and growth.

🌟Connect 'Why' to Vision: Sharing a compelling vision to motivate team members and clearly explain why their contributions matter.

🌟 Offer Development: Signal your commitment to personal growth with training and development opportunities. It sparks motivation and increases loyalty.

🌟 Recognize & Praise: Acknowledge achievements and make saying ‘thank you’ your default. A little recognition goes a long way to boost morale and motivation.

🌟Promote Diversity: Embrace diverse perspectives and backgrounds to enrich the work environment, prompt healthy debate, and drive innovation.

🌟 Encourage Collaboration: Encourage teamwork on projects. This builds a sense of community and belonging while also accelerating learning.

🌟Challenge Comfort Zones: Push and encourage team members to expand their skills and what they think is possible. It promotes growth and enthusiasm.

🌟Cultivate Inclusivity: Ensure all voices are heard. For example, make sure extroverts don't steal the show and create the space needed for quieter team members to speak.

Be the leader that serves, empowers and inspires. And you'll skyrocket the engagement of your team!