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  • Publish Date: Posted 29 days ago
  • Author: Sarah Seaford

We are currently hiring for experienced recruitment and delivery consultants and as part of our hiring process we have been reviewing what we are actually looking for in these new recruits.

Whilst previous recruitment experience is crucial we provide training to ensure everyone is given the opporunity to succeed. However, there are some really important things you simply cannot teach and those are the personality traits that are consistent in every High Performer:

1. Just Gets Sh#t Done
Persists through challenges and setbacks.
Completes work quickly and efficiently.
You can trust they will get the job done.

2. Demonstrates Empathy
Gives everyone the respect they deserve.
Engages in conversations empathetically.
Feels and appreciates the struggles of others.

3. Is Self-Aware
Aware of their strengths & weaknesses.
Understands how to improve both.
Can properly estimate time to complete work.

4. Simplifies the Complex
Can explain complex things in simple ways.
Knows how to keep things short and sweet.
Able to quickly grasp difficult topics.

5. Communicates Strongly
Communicates ideas & concepts clearly.
Can persuade and influence others.
Communicates quickly and efficiently.

6. Speaks Up
If something's not right, they say it.
Appreciates the power of healthy debate.
Creates space for others to speak up too.

7. Shows Emotional Control
Handles stress well and can self-regulate.
Doesn't let emotions negatively impact decisions.
Also knows when it's time to step back.

8. Manages Their Time Well
Self-managing and self-organizing.
Provides clear updates and hits deadlines.
Quickly communicates deviations from plan.

9. Enjoys Being Wrong
Understands the power of different view points.
Has a growth vs fixed mindset.
Owns their own mistakes.